Site Cloning in WordPress for Multisite

Site Cloning in WordPress for Multisite

If you are like me and you are in the need of expanding your WordPress multisite network, then you will want to start saving some time and headaches by learning a bit about site cloning in WordPress (for multisite). I used to clone new sites by start with “Add New” under Sites, add the theme… Continue Reading

Back the F(iles) Up!

Back the F(iles) Up!

If you don’t have a solution in place that you are using to back up your important files, they could be gone tomorrow. And yes, it’s April 1st, but this is no joke. I have a really great recommendation for you—to use the Drobo mini backup solution—and I’ll tell you why. Continue Reading

Why SEO Is Not So Fun

Why SEO Is Not So Fun

Everyone knows that Google is pretty much the only game in town when it comes to search engine placement so that people can find your business/website/blog/stuff online. SEO is a very big part of that because good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will put you in the top search results (provided that you are not in… Continue Reading

Klose Klout!

Klose Klout!

I wrote a couple months ago that my Klout numbers just didn’t add up. I contacted Klout and asked them what the deal was and they said they were making adjustments to their scoring system. Well, I found out that, even though I was doing nothing different, my Klout score has been dropping each and… Continue Reading

AdWords Third Stage

And then there are all the out-of-the-box things that if I told you what they were, then they wouldn’t be out-of-the-box. This is where you, as the expert in your field, as an author or as a subject-matter-expert, get to invent and create new ways to get your message across. No one can create new things in your field better than you… Continue Reading

AdWords Second Stage

And regarding writing good ads, consider that most ads that are effective are ones that really grab people’s attention; so it’d be a good idea to consider the following:

1. It’s OK to be funny.
2. It’s OK to be cute.
3. The only way to know a good ad is to test it. Continue Reading

AdWords First Stage

The thing you should know about this stage is that it is often characterized by wild swings in effectiveness. This is unavoidable because there are so many variables in an AdWords that just one variable can scuttle what otherwise seemed like a good start. Sometimes these simple settings and changes can cause other variables to not function correctly and it’s easy to think that the thing to change isn’t what it seems to be. Continue Reading

Google AdWords Overview in Three Stages

By successful, I mean that you have achieved three overall goals: MeshMarketer’s Three Overall Goals of a Successful Google AdWords Campaign:

  1. Your Click-Through-Rate is over 1% for all of your keywords.
  2. Your Quality Score is 7 and above on all keywords.
  3. All of your ads together in each Ad Groups have over 1% CTR.

Continue Reading

My Favorite Online Game

Maybe it’s not much of a game with points, death or bikinis, but this is my favorite online game. Why is it? An awesome soundtrack and a very fun dune buggy sim with a loop and an open air ramp, half pipe, ramps, a giant moose, an impossibly deep hole, a ghost church and…did I… Continue Reading

Better SEO Results Through Link-Building

Here’s another great article on using the “nofollow” links on social media sites (such as blogs, LinkedIn and others). Jump: Essentially, it’s a list of “nofollow” friendly places to plant links (your URL and in some cases anchor text with your URL which associates keywords with your URL and is even better for better… Continue Reading

Boosting SEO Ratings For Your Blog/Site and Getting More Link Love

If you’ve read articles on how to boost your SEO ratings for your blog/site (and getting more link love), you’ll probably come across this “movement” to allow any URL you put into your comments to be searchable (which boosts your SEO ratings and search hits). In a nutshell, WordPress puts a “nofollow” tag before URLs… Continue Reading