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Klose Klout!

Klose Klout!

I wrote a couple months ago that my Klout numbers just didn’t add up. I contacted Klout and asked them what the deal was and they said they were making adjustments to their scoring system.

Well, I found out that, even though I was doing nothing different, my Klout score has been dropping each and every day for the past couple weeks about one point per day with no bottom in sight.

I have to admit that I have simply got fed up with them claiming how they are the arbiter or influence and, after following their recommendations and watching my score go up, to watch my score simply sink like a big neon sign sinking into a bog.

So, I encourage you to simply dump Klout as I have done.

If they think they are really the “Standard of Influence” as they claim under their name, then they have lost my faith in their standards. It looks as if someone is tilting the scale the wrong way.

Many Klout users have registered the same complaint and I really don’t think anyone else I know is going to close their Klout, but I find it to be useless for me to be concerned about something that is supposedly important but impossible to understand or truly respond to.


Book and eBook Trailers

Book and eBook Trailers

I’m delighted to offer book and ebook trailers for $199 without the need to schedule a video shoot! (Dan Poynter Global eBook Awards participants get a $50 discount.)

I have made about two dozen so far for entrants in Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards and several for other authors. For Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards, the videos follow the same award format as you see in the playlist of Global eBook Awards books that follow the same template. Here’s a screenshot of one of the winner’s from 2011.

See one of my latest ones here which come at a standard rate of $199 for an image-driven video with my own voiceover, music and 3D text.


Send payment via PayPal for $199 to (or $149 for Global eBook Awards contestants) and the source materials for your video, let me know how you want to do it and we can get it together and make it to your satisfaction–guaranteed!

Just so that you know, it’s been proven that books and ebooks with trailers do better than those without. An ebook trailer is like a mini-commercial and can be very creative, but they can also be simple and informative.

Or fill out the form and I’ll get back to you right away!

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Klout Numbers Don’t Always Add Up

Klout Numbers Don’t Always Add Up

So I’ve been using Klout for a while now and was surprised to see how odd my numbers add up; in fact, they don’t. In fact, they just don’t add up at all.

Klout touts themselves as “The Standard for Influence” on the Internet in terms of social media. Well, they certainly have a right to make that declaration as they seem to be pretty dominant in that market space. I just signed up with Crowdbooster to see how well they do what they promise in this same service/product segment.

As you can see in my screenshot of my profile, my “Score Analysis” has been between 45 and 47-ish for some time now while my other statistics have significantly increased. My True Reach has gone up 20 points over the last week or so (my guess as to what those points represent), my amplification seems to be up (I have no idea what scale this is…percentage?) and my network has grown from 44 to 53 (of course, that’s some kind of aggregate score).

So, you would think that with these numbers like this that my “Score Analysis” would clearly at least be going up from prior to a week or so ago. NOPE. What’s up, Klout? (I did write them and I plan to post my response and follow up on this over time. I’ll also let you know what I think of Crowdbooster.

My Klout Numbers

UPDATE: My numbers took a nosedive and so I decided to close my account. See the “improved” numbers here.