Google AdWords

AdWords Third Stage

And then there are all the out-of-the-box things that if I told you what they were, then they wouldn’t be out-of-the-box. This is where you, as the expert in your field, as an author or as a subject-matter-expert, get to invent and create new ways to get your message across. No one can create new things in your field better than you…

AdWords Second Stage

And regarding writing good ads, consider that most ads that are effective are ones that really grab people’s attention; so it’d be a good idea to consider the following:

1. It’s OK to be funny.
2. It’s OK to be cute.
3. The only way to know a good ad is to test it.

AdWords First Stage

The thing you should know about this stage is that it is often characterized by wild swings in effectiveness. This is unavoidable because there are so many variables in an AdWords that just one variable can scuttle what otherwise seemed like a good start. Sometimes these simple settings and changes can cause other variables to not function correctly and it’s easy to think that the thing to change isn’t what it seems to be.