Central Coast Google AdWords and Beyond

Central Coast Google AdWords

Having worked for major corporations such as Hughes, Southern California Edison, Disney, GTE, LA Metropolitan Water District and more as one of those high-end Internet propeller heads, Joseph Dowdy (dba MeshMarketer) now offers Nationwide and Central Coast Google AdWords consulting with an emphasis on replicating the real world sales experience and workability online using ALL the advantages of the Internet including Google AdWords, YouTube videos, image ads and more!

MeshMarketer launched the social media campaigns for Bragg Live Foods (the home of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar) and Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards. In fact, Patricia Bragg recommended Joseph work with Dan Poynter. In turn, Dan recommended Joseph to one of his clients.

You should know that it’s not uncommon for Google AdWords agencies and “experts” to charge $5,000 and more for one month of work. That’s not a very good approach because it digs a hole instead of laying a foundation. Building on this analogy, if you start with solid ground (analyzing what is profitable and expanding it) then you never have to worry about getting your money back.

The MeshMarketer method is to establish what’s happening, predict what can be done based on your numbers and then commit to make it happen. The analysis is free and we focus on making a profit every day instead of starting in the hole.

Predictable success accomplished in an affordable and common sense manner without the “gold fever” approach is the safest bet. Occasionally the numbers will look miraculous, but that’s what sometimes happens when you start to establish good housekeeping and focus on producing results.

Try Google AdWords with $100 from Google—FREE

Includes the following before the initial free $100 runs out:

  • Basic keyword testing (to determine where the vast majority of your success will come from)
  • Conversion analysis (to see what keywords are actually profitable)
  • Ad testing and split testing where necessary (to determine what should be a baseline success)

Account Review—FREE

Includes the following:

  • Review of CTR (click-through rate) which should exceed 5%.
  • Review of sales/lead conversion which should exceed 5%.
  • Verification that the account is properly setup (avoid co-mingling of statistics).

YouTube Campaigns—$199/Month (includes a YouTube commercial)

I will run your YouTube commercial ad where it counts most!

And after that we will take a look at who is seeing your ad, what they are doing with it and how we can further capitalize.

  • This package includes a YouTube commercial with complimentary voiceover, music and 3D text graphics.
  • Using Google AdWords, we can TIGHTLY target your ad by many market factors.
  • After the first month, we can continue to work together on AdWords for $199/month.
  • Does not include optimizing of website/pages/SEO.

Basic Rate—$499/Month

With a three-month commitment, the following will be covered:

  • Google AdWords PPC tune-up (first month)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for specific keywords and landing pages (first month)
  • Create Google+ Page for enhanced SEO and AdWords integration (second month)
  • Create Google Places profile which includes online coupons for phones (second month)
  • Free training as you request it to help you learn how to run your campaigns and know when to get help
  • Import into Bing/Yahoo! (third month)

Enhanced Rate—$999/Month

Six-month commitment to do six or more of the following (one per month in order):

  1. Social Media linking using Facebook, Yelp, SlideShare, etc.
  2. Cutting-edge ads such as animated banner ads
  3. Expansion into Yahoo!/Bing using AdCenter from Microsoft (after AdWords ads are optimized)
  4. YouTube video ads (click to see examples)
  5. Google “Call Me” ads
  6. WordPress blog to enhance or replace website
  7. Radio network ads
  8. Additional advanced strategies that fit your situation

Training Sessions—$399/Day

  • One-On-One AdWords For Beginners
  • Classroom or Brown Bag Sessions
  • Speaking and Conference Engagements

As a general guide, the amount of time involved in these campaigns is one hour per each $50. The YouTube campaign is about 4 hours per month, Basic package is 10 hours per month and the Kitchen Sink package is 20 hours per month. Training sessions and speaking engagements represent a full day of eight-hour work. 

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