Facebook Annoyances: Those Pesky Invites to Games and Apps

Facebook is great for keeping in touch, sharing personal pictures, sharing web content, etc., but those pesky invitations are such a nuisance. I don’t like saying “no” to anyone really, but how many invitations to kill vampires do I need to see? Do I really want to pretend to be a mobster or a monster? No, I really don’t.

So, recently I got fed up with the number of app invites I was getting for games and I posted a status on my Facebook to let people know in advance that I would prefer that others not invite me to join them in growing vegetables or telling fortunes.

Mysteriously, I got a bunch of Likes and positive comments about the wording. So, I decided to turn this into a more permanent form as a blog post here.

Here’s what I wrote (reworded a bit here):

“If you didn’t notice on my Facebook Wall, I don’t play game apps on Facebook. Thanks for thinking of inviting me to play, but no thanks in advance.”

Feel free to copy and use this as you wish because I think it has helped to eliminate some invites. I may have to repost this every once in a while and I can just return to this post and copy/paste and I’ve posted it again.

You may also want to bookmark this post as well if you want to return and copy/paste.

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