AdWords Second Stage

Google AdWords Second Stage is the stage between wildly fluctuating results and the achievement of the overall goals you will need to move into the maintenance phase of Google AdWords: Third Stage.

By now you have identified most of your keywords and you have ads that work, but you also have tons and tons of keywords that don’t work and some ads that don’t work at all.

The key to getting through this stage is proving that the keywords and ads that you are using are going to give you long-term stability. And, just for the record, Google does throw everyone into a tailspin with regards to AdWords every once in a while. Those “stable results” are gone overnight and people who have been counting on Google AdWords for year for their rent/mortgage are suddenly freaked out and scrambling to get back out of AdWords First Stage into Second Stage and then back into Third Stage as soon as possible. Over the years, Google has made it harder and harder to get in and stay highly profitable because there has become so much competition from legitimate companies as well as scammers and get-rich-quick types.

Remember your goal here is to reach the three overall goals for Google AdWords success.

The Three Overall Goals of a Successful Google AdWords Campaign:

  1. Your Click-Through-Rate is over 1% for all of your keywords.
  2. Your Quality Score is 7 and above on all keywords.
  3. All of your ads together in each Ad Groups have over 1% CTR.

Basically, you’re going to be bringing your keywords with a CTR below 1% to over 1%. This is done by working some SEO on your pages so that those keywords are a better match for the pages that they are linked to through your ad.

Next, you are going to eliminate all of your keywords that are below 7 (though it is possible that you can keep the ones that are either at 5 or 6 but you need to drop all the ones below 5). For those that are at 5 or 6, again you will need to focus on the SEO to bring up the quality score.

The major benefit of having a higher quality score is that the cost of your keywords will go down. If you have a keyword that has a keyword quality score of 10 then you will have a very inexpensive keyword to use. It is really ideal to have it this way. So, how do you get a keyword quality score of 10? Well, just get linked by a high-traffic website, of course! The reason why the ad costs less is because if you DO have a keyword linked from a high-traffic site then you should be at the top of Google’s organic search results (meaning the unpaid search results). You could just turn off Google AdWords if all of your keywords that you rely on are at a 10. However, people generally don’t have control over this.

The last thing that needs to be done is to have at least two ads that, when combined, produce an average CTR of over 1%. This can only be done by writing some good ads and I will post a separate article on this later. And regarding writing good ads, consider that most ads that are effective are ones that really grab people’s attention; so it’d be a good idea to consider the following:

  1. It’s OK to be funny.
  2. It’s OK to be cute.
  3. The only way to know a good ad is to test it.

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