Google AdWords Recommends Against Own Settings!

Yes, that’s right folks. You read it correctly. Google AdWords University recommends that you do not use their default settings (from page 57 of my book). This is just crazy, isn’t it?

When you set your campaign up with their default settings, both the Display and Search Networks are turned on. Here are what the default settings look like before you change them:

When you click “Let me choose…” so that you can change the defaults, you will see the options to change the defaults:

But if you were to watch the FIRST TEN WORDS of this video at a point 0:12 seconds into the video, you will see that they recommend that you DO NOT USE these settings that are there by default.

So which setting is the right one? You should, as it says in the video, create separate campaigns for Display/Content Network and Search Networks. There are too many reasons to go into here because I could write a whole chapter on just this one thing (and it’s in my book).

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