Boosting SEO Ratings For Your Blog/Site and Getting More Link Love

If you’ve read articles on how to boost your SEO ratings for your blog/site (and getting more link love), you’ll probably come across this “movement” to allow any URL you put into your comments to be searchable (which boosts your SEO ratings and search hits).

In a nutshell, WordPress puts a “nofollow” tag before URLs posted in comments on blogs/sites so that the spidering done by Google or whomever will not pick up the URL, which means that the URL doesn’t get the love that the site is getting from the spider. And in turn, someone using Google can’t find your post about how you converted your ’57 Chevy into a hybrid. If you can strip the “nofollow” from posts (which you can), then your story will appear in all the blogs where you mention your ’57 Chevy and hybrid as well as your own blog/site.

Here’s a good article on this: .Make sure to click on the page for the logo (which you will see on my page where it says U COMMENT I FOLLOW just above the comments).

So please leave a simple comment like “Good post.” or “Nice article.” and leave your URL so that you can have a place to post your URL!!

2 thoughts on “Boosting SEO Ratings For Your Blog/Site and Getting More Link Love”

  1. It’s interesting that blogs first started out as a way for people to express their opinions on their chosen subjects (at least that’s what I thought), but now it has turned into a networking tool with this dofollow and nofollow debate.

    But I guess business is business.

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