Is Stanford Who’s Who For Real?

Here’s the short answer: YES THEY ARE FOR REAL. I even recommend them for my blog followers.

Not only are they for real (I am a member of their online network along with thousands of others), I have used their benefits in many ways. Overall, I have made back my investment many times over.

Let me tell you what I like about them:

  1. They have a group discount network for making online purchases of computers, travel, electronics, major chain stores, flowers and much, much more. I’ve saved hundreds already. I think I saved over $100 on a purchase from Rosetta Stone language training software.
  2. I have met many people through their network which is a lot like LinkedIn in many ways. And you don’t have these awful restrictions like LinkedIn does. I am able to directly reach out to people to let them know how I can help them or to ask questions about the market they are in.
  3. It’s a bit like an online club more than a social network. I feel that I have even made good friends (often times better than people I have met through Facebook).
  4. I did receive their wall plaque and I am waiting for my directory (published once a year) which will make a great coffee table book.
  5. Finally, I like what they are doing and where they are going. I hope that they enjoy greater success than LinkedIn if they keep it up.

Is Stanford Who’s Who right for you? I think so if you are an entrepreneur and interested in self-promotion…even more so for people in different professions who are looking for some recognition for their years and experience in their field. Is that you? If so, go to and get signed up and see for yourself. I get to referral fee or money in return, so please don’t feel that my motivation for this is to put money in my pocket.

I have NOT met anyone who disliked Stanford Who’s Who after trying it and I’ve met hundreds who have liked it.

10 thoughts on “Is Stanford Who’s Who For Real?”

  1. Thank you Joseph for this honest and redemptive blog. While on the phone with SWW, the telemarketer was agreeable to being put on hold while I satisfied my skepticism with some speedy research. I am very glad I read your full blog. I began thinking this may well be a reasonable advertising investment so instead of ending the conversation, we negotiated for a good amount of time and settled a small monthly fee without a long term or prepaid contract – meaning I can cancel at any time. I am awaiting my package, and will evaluate over the next three to six months. At the very least, I will have a personal website for immediate exposure at a much lower monthly cost than to hire a designer at this stage of my business growth. In a limited, yet growing market such as mine, it is important to have an online community. And at the very least, the investment was reasonable enough to explore the opportunity. So we’ll see… hoping for the best!

  2. Hello Joseph, I am quite relieved to hear what you have to say about Stanford Whose Who. I had received a phone call from a telemarketer who conducted quite an in depth interview with me yesterday. She asked me about the details which I had included on my Linked In application for admission. I was asked several other more relevant questions which was done in a highly professional way. Afterwards, she informed me that I had the “right kind of profile” for admission, and had one several scores, exceeded their expectations with regards my philanthropic viewpoints. I was about to make a final decision today with regards to my questioning of their authenticity prior to paying $800 US for their certificate of membership package.

  3. I was selected some time ago and am glad I did. I currently have a web site with Who’s Who and have received their plaque as well . At first I questioned their tactics and wondered if it was worth the trouble to get involved. But, now I am sure I made the right decision. Those of you out there who are being approached by Stanford Who’s Who should not be concerned about a scam. I have had no trouble thus far with any dealings with Who’s Who. Contact me if you like on Linkedin as well. Terry L Morris

  4. Thanks for this blog – I only just got off the phone after agreeing to a 1 year trial membership – only because their sales tactic concerned me. Now, after reading this i’m looking forward to what’s possible.

  5. Although initially sceptical, I must admit that the post-sale service I received by SWW has been excellent. The majority of negative comments online are written by competing individuals or non-members who have not embraced the SWW network and (I suspect) have some ulterior motives for voicing such derogatory comments.

    I have thus far engaged in several productive conversations with members, all of which have either welcomed my approach or have contacted me to introduce themselves. I have no issue with this whatsoever, as this was the main reason I joined in the first place!

    As with most things in life – you get out what you put in! I am therefore quite happy for grumpy old farts to stay away!

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