Meditating on Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares”: Genius Marketing

I just love watching “Kitchen Nightmares” featuring Gordon Ramsay.

I watched an episode tonight (the BBC version) about a chef who was honored by Michelin and was stuck in cooking for himself and losing his ass in his business.

Gordon told him, “Your success depends on the buzz in the dining room. When that buzz is gone, you’re dead.”

He was right on–or “spot on” for those who speak the King’s English.

Your social media is the same way. If you’re not thinking about what will generate a buzz, then you are missing the point. For every Tweet where you talking about how you just made a trip to the bathroom or to the dentist or to the DMV, you are making people yawn.

Forget about what YOU want to talk about and think about what THEY want you to share.

If you can’t focus on making your customers happy (which will generate a buzz), then what ARE you doing? Thinking of yourself first?

After you read this, I hope that if you ever watch “Kitchen Nightmares” that you will think about social media while you watch it and how it’s easy to get stuck in me-me-me and not in the customer/client/audience that you must engage and provide value.

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