YouTube Results Showing Up in Google Search

I’ve noticed it here and there for a little while now, but I’m starting to see more and more that YouTube videos are showing up in Google Searches (also called organic search results).

What is probably the most interesting part of this phenomenon is whether or not a YouTube video may reach the top of a Google Search.

Is Google doing this to leverage YouTube? After all, if a website is what you expect to see when you type in a Google Search, then how can a VIDEO replace a website? And if a website isn’t what Google is providing you with when you type a search and it’s a page they are returning to you, then shouldn’t these results also show up in Yahoo! and Bing?

Whatever the answers to these interesting questions are, it’s time to leverage this more prevalent capability. I plan to make a video a week doing something related to my sites.

I promise you that I will become a vlogger and I will be vodcasting once a week.

Mind you, I have three sites that I plan to be posting to. One of them isn’t even purchased as a domain yet, but I plan to buy the domain name this week and start posting.

The first site is this one. There are TONS of material to post about Internet Marketing and Social Media and I plan to make a video each week or at least three times a month. The cumulative effect is worth it.

The second site is my site. I’ve now lost 44 pounds since I started working out with P90X and eating far better and I really need to keep adding to my blog there.

The other one is coming as I said, but it has to do with video editing.

PS: It’s amazing how my life has given me the opportunity to have editing skills, writing skills and generally the kind of skills that make for a life of a blogger, so now I really need to not just help my clients blog and turn profits, but I really need to do that and I have started raising my rates as a result of my full schedule. Any good business owner knows that if you are charging X amount of dollars for work and your time gets filled charging X amount of dollars, then it’s time to start charging a rate higher than X such as 110% of X or 120% of X or even 150% of X or 200% of X. I’m at that point. One thing I haven’t done is start pricing my competitors and find out if I am charging too little. I’ll be posting more on that as I continue to blog…this will end up being part of a video that I make because I want to talk about my competitors but I don’t want to mention them in text so video will do the trick perfectly. This blog post came about because I was doing research on my competitors and found they had a really crappy video (and I do mean REALLY CRAPPY video) of their business and it was in the top 10 of organic search results! This means I am behind the curve! This is my incentive to get cracking.

2 thoughts on “YouTube Results Showing Up in Google Search”

  1. Pretty frustrating when you optimize a website so as to rank higher in organic search only to be trumped by a non-relevant YouTube video.

    1. Yeah, but those are the breaks of the game. Try competing with Amazon for a page featuring a book. NOT EASY.

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