They Promise Six Figures But Won’t Ask One Question

Every time I get wind of someone promising hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to anyone who buys their training package, watches they videos or pays for coaching, I get really skeptical.

The reason why is because for every training package, set of videos or one-on-one coaching I always notice that they never ask the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION.

These purveyors of wealth who peddle what sounds too good to be true are big on content. I saw one package that was several hours of DVDs and nice spiral-bound notebooks and audio CDs and it was a BIG package…but it didn’t ask the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION.

I recently received an invitation by someone (who I won’t name because I respect him a lot) who was forwarding me an invitation by someone else to sign on to their new training package and I still didn’t see the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION.

What is the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION? I’ll tell you:


I tell all my clients that it is possible, if they are serious about not using social media merely for PR purposes or just to be hip or because they think it’s the smart thing to do, that they can multiply how much they are currently selling their products by using the Internet.

They can sell 10x, 100x or even 1,000x what they are currently selling. That’s amazing! But if they have sold NOTHING so far, then 1,000 times zero is still zero.

Really. Let’s be serious. If you haven’t sold a single widget, then why would you think the Internet can do it for you?

Am I saying that it’s just not possible to make a lot of money on the Internet by selling something that has never been sold in person? No. I’m not saying that. For example, there are lots of training packages and DVD video courses that haven’t been sold except over the Internet to unsuspecting people who want so badly to quit their day jobs and make hundreds of thousands of dollars and sit on the beach with their iPads all day drinking cervezas. Yes, it’s possible if your targets are suckers who want to get out of the Rat Race.

But if you are serious about making six figures, you need to think like an investor. If an investor came to you and asked to see your books to determine the condition of your business and saw that you have no business plan, you had no sales and you have no assets or cash reserves, then they would not invest in you because you have nothing. Well, if you buy one of these training courses, video packages or hire a coach, you still have no business plan, sales, assets or reserves.

Now I’m not one to go rain on everyone’s parade about possibility and making money because I LOVE entrepreneurs and I am one of them. I had better believe in them if I am one of them!

But because I love entrepreneurs, I think it’s important to remind people that they can’t even begin to have hope of leaving their day job if they haven’t gone out and sold their own product or service that they hope to bring to the Internet to multiply their sales by ten, a hundred or a thousand times.

Go out and sell your widgets and LEARN from the process. Why did they buy? Why didn’t they buy? What value did they perceive? Was the product or service credible? Were you credible? What can you learn from selling face-to-face before you multiply the power of your offer?

I will be helping you to identify how to apply what you learn to how you sell online.

Stay tuned!