The Three Phases Of MeshMarketing

For those who are my clients or would like to know more about MeshMarketing, it may be informative to know that there are three phases to MeshMarketing.

First is the setup. This includes choosing a domain name, installing a WordPress blog, choosing names for profiles on the various social media networks such as vanity URLs for Facebook, establishing a connector between your WordPress blog for Post-Once-Publish-Everywhere syndication (I must come up with a better name for it than that!) and getting all the necessary SEO and other plugins setup properly for the blog. This takes about 40 hours in all to get this part done. I know it may seem like a lot of hours, but in my experience, this NEVER all works the first time. I will be happy to come back here and post if it ever does!

Second is getting people to become part of your MeshMarketing network. Every single contact counts: Facebook friends, Twitter followers, RSS subscribers and so on. This requires a great deal of effort because it seems like it is an unending process…and it may be. This phase will last as long as it takes for you to either max out your Facebook friends (5,000) and pages (no maximum) or reach a fair plateau of Twitter followers (no maximum) and RSS subscribers (no maximum) that fits your niche; for example, Katy Perry is going to have a higher plateau in the pop music niche than someone who is a total unknown. You will know that you have reached the end stages of this phase when you must rely on other resources for expanding your number of contacts in addition to social media.

The third and final phase of MeshMarketing is when you focus on those “other” methods of increasing the number of contacts you have outside of social media. You don’t need to reach a plateau before getting into this stage. But, you really MUST have a WordPress blog connected to social media networks (Phase 1) before entering this phase; and the truth is that if you have only a few contacts in your social media network you have started Phase 2 of MeshMarketing after Phase 1 is complete.

This third stage includes the using or doing the following:

  • Using Google AdWords (you can start with those free credits and go from there at any time) to get the word out about you.
  • Using newsletters and mailing lists to implement a system where you can directly make appeals to your contacts that result in sales or other actions which forward your overall goals.
  • Using publishing and affiliate platforms such as
  • Using press releases with a great hook to get people to find you online.
  • Use deep-linking (this is where someone puts you on their blog or other website with a link to a page on your site that isn’t your home page); Google really loves this for SEO purposes.
  • Developing a model for monetization of your business outside of your initial idea for your business. For example, if you sell a book on how to make kombucha then how about creating a subscription-based coaching service or maybe even a DVD that shows people how to do it? How else can you sell your expertise? If you provide a service, can you self-publish a book to teach people what you do?
  • Developing venues for selling your services and products that extend beyond your blog such as a Facebook shopping cart or selling your product on
  • Test the waters on affiliate marketing if you now have a product that will work well on that kind of network; this works perfectly for e-books of subscription-based coaching. Affiliate marketing is a huge business as many lazy entrepreneurs rely on ready-made automated systems that rely implicitly on human behavior to cause your product to be sold. It’s not quite manipulation, but it’s not any kind of selling you will see on Amazon.
  • Pay attention to new models of internet-based businesses. Now that the iPad has launched very successfully, what are new methods that we haven’t seen yet that may sell your product or draw attention to your service? We don’t know! But if you don’t look for it by developing a really good RSS plan to monitor the world for your niche, you will never know if someone else is going to dominate that space before you can.
  • Become a guest writer on a blog to draw attention to your expertise and make sure you get a link on that site which directs people to your welcome page (not your home page). This counts as a deep-link by the way.
  • Become a guest speaker at events where powerful people get together. Hand out your business cards because if just one person happens to talk about you to a journalist, then you may have just taken your business to a whole new level.
  • Use traditional models and methods of getting new clients because those people may currently not yet rely on the Internet to do business, but if they don’t now then they will. And, if you do it right, you can bring people to the Internet in such a way that they will treat you as their guide and will listen to your recommendations with great respect.