I recommend Landmark Education's curriculum

I Recommend Landmark Education


Personally and professionally, I recommend Landmark Education for increased personal effectiveness and for business productivity.

2 thoughts on “I Recommend Landmark Education”

  1. Joseph,
    I love Landmark Education and couldn’t be reminded of it at a better time. I’m been struggling with “next” for some time now and have tons of ideas but something is stopping me. Me! I took the est training about 25 years ago and a number of courses. Now nothing for at least ten years!

    Thanks for the reminder and I want to hear about what you are up too! By the way, I found you on Day Poynter’s newsletter. I am an old Poynter grad.

  2. Well, I’m doing three things mainly. First, I offer Google AdWords pay-per-click management services. Second, I make Internet videos for YouTube of things like book trailers for $199 each (a real bargain). Third, I wrote a book on and provide help to people on their Internet marketing tactics. I enjoy all three and I will talk with anyone about their goals and see if there is a fit.

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