Private information such as credit card purchase data is not retained on this website, but is processed by a shopping cart company (Volusion) and paid through a gateway as most online shopping is done. As a result, your information is just as safe with MeshMarketer as it is with Disney, 3M, National Geographic and other companies that Volusion provides shopping cart services.

In fact, if you find that you really have enjoyed your shopping experience on this website (all transactions take place on this website instead of on a third-party website), please use our contact form if you would like your own Volusion shopping cart.


For purchases of the ebook “MeshMarketer 2010 Guide: Fast and Slow-But-Sure Ways of Multiplying Profits Using Internet Marketing” there is a 60-day return and warranty¬†policy in effect.

Just use the contact form to request a refund within 60-days of purchase with the transaction number, date and name used on your receipt and the money will be refunded to the credit card used. You must also provide some reason why you are requesting a refund because I use this information to improve the product for sale so that as many people possible will find value in it.

Refunds on services are only provided if it is not possible to carry out the services requested. If you pay for services for a month and then don’t have the time to do work or meet during that month, you can not get a refund so please make the time to help me help you.