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Drobo mini backup solution

If you don’t have a solution in place that you are using to back up your important files, they could be gone tomorrow. And yes, it’s April 1st, but this is no joke. I have a really great recommendation for youto use the Drobo mini backup solutionand I’ll tell you why.

I’ve always encouraged my customers, family and friends to always have more than one place to keep their files, whether it is on an external drive, in a cloud service or, at the very least, making sure to create a partition on your Windows hard drive (or Mac). Having that extra partition should be done no matter what; if Windows crashes, your data is isolated from a reformat of the installation partition.

But, due to the horrific idea of paying for a cloud service for the rest of your life (and exposing all your privacy to the Internet), I recommend having a really good home-based solution. After all, if your password gets hacked (which is likely unless you have a strong one for each site you use), do you really think that data is actually very safe and secure? Sure, it’s in two places, but if there is a better solution, wouldn’t you choose it instead?

For home-based back-up solutions, you have Time Machine for your Mac and…well…nothing really for Windows except a few pieces of software and hardware here and there, but each will require you to have a fairly credible skillset in using Windows. For example, you could buy some extra hard drives and create a RAID, but that’s not for the faint of heart or for anyone who has never built their own computer.

So is there an easy solution that doesn’t require an advanced skillset? And is there something better than Time Machine for the Mac? Well, let me answer the question about Time Machine first. Time Machine is really great for keeping a snapshot of your Mac, but as far as a home-based backup for any Windows machines or having a long-term backup of your important files, chances are you need more than Time Machine. And if you don’t have a Mac then Time Machine is not for you.

Yes there are some really nice solutions out there such as Network Area Storage devices that also connect printers up via USB and I’ve looked into these myself, but these are single-drive solutions and a drive failure would mean disaster.

But there IS a solution that I recommend that is better than a one-drive solution and is useful for anyone with a Mac (or without as most are). I’d strongly recommend this for anyone with an extensive photo, graphics or video solution.

And then there’s Drobo…


The Drobo is unlike a single-drive backup because it has its own pre-built four-drive RAID. For those who are not technical, what that means is that if one of the drives is about to fail, you can replace the drive without losing the data. A RAID is like a duplicate set of data on each drive which allows for the permanent loss of a one drive without losing any data.

This is really the best possible solution because it requires the kind of computer knowledge you would need to set up a network printer (most people) and gives you essentially three places for your data. On your computer and in two places in the four-drive RAID in case one drive fails. So, if your data drive on your computer dies, you have the Drobo; just replace the drive and then copy data you need from the Drobo. If a drive in the Drobo dies, you have the RAID inside the Drobo; just replace the drive and you’re done. It will do the work for you.

One additional nice bit about the Drobo is that you can use any 2.5″ SATA drive, no matter what the make or capacity. Drobo devices also come in different configurations, so please check those out, but this one is really nice because it’s small and takes four drives and does all that is needed for a credible backup plan.

Here is a more detailed review of the Drobo mini.

Please get yourself a credible backup solution even if you don’t use something like the Drobo. You would be hard-pressed to find a better backup solution four your home. You can get the Drobo mini here at the link…

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