Klose Klout!

I wrote a couple months ago that my Klout numbers just didn’t add up. I contacted Klout and asked them what the deal was and they said they were making adjustments to their scoring system.

Well, I found out that, even though I was doing nothing different, my Klout score has been dropping each and every day for the past couple weeks about one point per day with no bottom in sight.

I have to admit that I have simply got fed up with them claiming how they are the arbiter or influence and, after following their recommendations and watching my score go up, to watch my score simply sink like a big neon sign sinking into a bog.

So, I encourage you to simply dump Klout as I have done.

If they think they are really the “Standard of Influence” as they claim under their name, then they have lost my faith in their standards. It looks as if someone is tilting the scale the wrong way.

Many Klout users have registered the same complaint and I really don’t think anyone else I know is going to close their Klout, but I find it to be useless for me to be concerned about something that is supposedly important but impossible to understand or truly respond to.


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