Best Tips for Pictures and Phone Video Cameras

Best Tips for Pictures and Phone Video Cameras


Here are my best tips for pictures and phone video cameras.

  1. Use the sky as your light. Face toward the open part of the bright sky and put your face in a shadow and point the camera toward you. The sky will give you the best lighting. If you have direct sunlight, it will put deep creases in your face.
  2. Use a camera (such as in iPhone) where you can see yourself.
  3. Make sure there are no visually-distracting things in the frame; also watch out for annoying noises in the background. If you can hear them, then so can those watching your video.
  4. Look in the mirror before you start and get rid of any extra hairs (nose, eyebrow, ears, etc.).
  5. Don’t worry about perfection. Casual is more effective anyway.
  6. Be enthusiastic!
  7. Be real. Don’t try to pretend you are someone you are not. People will watch your video because of the topic and not really because of you. If you do well, then they ¬†may look at some other videos of yours.
  8. Write out on a 3×5 card what you want to cover and keep it next to your camera so that you can refer to it during videotaping.
  9. Have fun! If you’re not having fun then people will watch something else!

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