Site Cloning in WordPress for Multisite

If you are like me and you are in the need of expanding your WordPress multisite network, then you will want to start saving some time and headaches by learning a bit about site cloning in WordPress (for multisite). I used to clone new sites by start with “Add New” under Sites, add the theme and then export data from the site and then import data. And then there was the issue with enabling all those plugins and also making sure to bring in all the widgets the same way. In that way, I had manually cloned a site so that the result looked just like the original and then I could do what I wanted with it whether it was testing or selling a site that looked like one I had made.

Well, that was all fun and games and I found that the more I would have a need for making new sites from old sites that it would cost me more time and energy and headache. When I started having to do this once a week, I was clear it was time to seriously look for a tool to help me. These new sites I was making involved forms and over 100 pages tied to a form which had unique links on each. The need for something to help me kept growing.

Site Cloning in WordPress

I did find a few tools out there, but that all changed when I discovered Never Settle’s offering.

I found NS Cloner and started saving hours each week on cloning new sites. What used to take me an hour or more would now only take 30 seconds. This was a Godsend!

This tool helped me go from cloning sites manually as a hobbyist to selling sites professionally as a business owner.

I found that with different options I could clone over sites that were no longer in use which would allow me to ensure I would use up my sites with smaller numbers first before breaking into triple digits on multisite.

I was also able to pre-designate an admin for each new site so that I wouldn’t have to do it later. The more I used it the more I found how it could save me time.

What could be better than this? I’ll tell you—the fine folks at Never Settle have come out with a new version of their software and I am so excited to use it! They are now at version 3 of their software and have rebuilt their plugin from the ground up. It’s no longer a free and pro version, but now is more modular with a free plugin as the base and you can add only the features you need according to plugin.

There is now an NS Cloner Content and Users module, Search and Replace module (which handles serialized data so as not to break your widgets) and a Table Manager module. Honestly, I can’t tell you how well these work since they are brand new and I have yet to explore and discover how much time and energy they will save me, but I can tell you this: I have never been disappointed by the folks at Never Settle with the usefulness, speed and stability of their products and I have never been disappointed with the support or the company itself.

They are clearly inspired to make a difference and it shows. They regularly seek feedback and suggestions on their product and this new version is the result of people like me letting them know what they could add if that were their goal. Because I was one of those folks who chimed in when they asked how they could improve their product, they have asked me to say something about them on my blog and to also become an affiliate and I have done so because I believe in being a brand ambassador because I teach it. I am delighted to send you to their site where any multisite administrator can save time and headaches by trying out and using their products: Check Out the FREE NS Cloner.

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